3 September 2018

Nobody can be a prisoner of procuration – article of counsel Michał Sowiński on the portal

Counsel Michał Sowiński specializes in, among others, comprehensive legal services for entrepreneurs. He shared his knowledge and experience on the subject of the procuration institution the Readers of the portal in an article entitled “Nobody can be a prisoner of procuration”.

The problem of resigning from being a procuration holder appears very often while conducting a business. There are many doubts, not only for entrepreneurs, but also for lawyers. There are no provisions regarding the power of procuration, which would allow direct resignation from being a procuration holder as a way to expire the power of procuration. Are there any other regulations that allow the procuration holders to resign from this function? Michał Sowiński answers to this and many other questions in his article on the portal.

We invite all entrepreneurs, procuration holders and other persons interested in the subject of the procuration to read the entire article.

Those who are deeply interested in the issue of termination of the procuration, are also invited to read the post on the blog of counsel Michał Sowiński.

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