Company support

We help companies in solving current, sometimes very complex problems, as well as represent them in even the most demanding litigation.

As part of providing legal services to companies, we offer, among others, advice on choosing the form of running a business, ongoing legal services in every area of law, including the law of commercial companies and labour law, but also other very specialized areas of law specific to the given industry.

We are distinguished by extensive experience in corporate disputes, including disputes between partners, shareholders or stockholders, as well as in cases for repealing or annulling resolutions.

We help our Clients negotiate with business partners and prepare professional contracts adequately securing our Clients’ interests. We also deal with mergers and acquisitions (M&A), offering expert advice backed by years of experience at every stage of the project.

We also carry out due diligence legal audits, which are famous for their depth and insight.

We help to adapt the Clients’ activities to the current regulatory requirements concerning, among others, protection of personal data (RODO), direct marketing or provision of services by electronic means. In the above areas, we conduct audits and based on them we develop a set of documents and guidelines allowing for safe and correct implementation of specific regulations by the Client.

We are flexible and adapt to the needs of the Client in such a way as to take into account his individual expectations and to provide the most benefits from our services.

We also have extensive experience in cooperating with in-house lawyers of our Clients, with whom we are always able to communicate in order to provide the most effective services for Clients.

We have often represented our Clients before specialist entities such as the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, the President of the Public Procurement Office, the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection or the Financial Ombudsman.

We also represent our Clients in tax proceedings, including joint and several liability for tax liabilities and related to penal and fiscal liability.

We help entrepreneurs in solving current legal problems, and if necessary, we represent their interests in court, using our knowledge and trial experience.

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