Real estate

Real estate law is a difficult and demanding area of law. Thanks to our many years of experience and numerous successes, we can offer professional assistance in many real estate cases.

We represent our Clients in any proceedings regarding real estate, including divisional proceedings, cases on the return of expropriated real estate, cases on annulment of decisions taking away ownership of real estate, cases on acquisitive prescription or in cases related to planning and spatial development.

We also offer comprehensive legal services in the field of real estate transactions and the broadly understood investment process. We handle all transactions related to each type of property and advise Clients on choosing the optimal legal form for using the property.

We conduct proceedings regarding compensation for expropriated real estate, including properties expropriated for the construction of public roads. Often, our inclusion in the case meant that the Clients received compensation much more favourable than suggested before we proceeded to the case.

We have extensive experience in complicated reprivatisation cases related to the recovery of real estate. This applies, inter alia, to expropriated properties, the Bug River property, Gdańsk tenement houses, Warsaw real estate covered by the so-called Bierut decree, abandoned and post-German property, real estate taken over by the state administration and then expropriated, real estate acquired on the basis of the agricultural reform decree or the decree on forests as well as real estate taken over using any other legal basis. Experience and successes in this narrow and extremely complex area of real estate law allow us to make accurate analyses and conduct even the most complicated cases.

Our Clients can count on help, professional advice and full involvement in any real estate case we conduct.

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