Krzysztof Szocik


Counsel Krzysztof Szocik in the course of his professional practice, served large investment projects, including construction of a container terminal and railway and road infrastructure with a total value of approximately PLN 4 billion. He also often helped Clients to run smaller and medium-sized projects. In addition, Krzysztof Szocik also successfully represents Clients in complex and difficult court cases.

Strengths: In relations with Clients, he always honestly presents opportunities and threats related to the case. Krzysztof Szocik is able to conduct negotiations in a professional manner, leading to a conciliatory resolution of the dispute, but if necessary, he knows how to effectively conduct court proceedings. He approaches his work with passion, sharing his legal knowledge with post-graduate students and conducting numerous trainings.

Education: Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdańsk. Judge training.

Foreign languages: English, German

Additional information: Privately, he is passionate about books on various topics – from philosophy to physics. He is also an enthusiast of bicycle trips – mainly around the Tri-City, but he also went on a bike trip around Great Britain, during which he travelled 3350 km.

My specializations: