Roman Nowosielski


Counsel Roman Nowosielski is the founder of the Nowosielski i Partnerzy Law Office and an experienced counsel. He provides Clients with comprehensive and professional legal assistance at every stage of court and out-of-court settlement of disputes. He is also a judge at the Court of Arbitration at the Polish Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw.

Strengths: In his professional work, Counsel Roman Nowosielski is characterized by courage and uncompromising nature. He thinks that there are no cases doomed to fail and that nothing is impossible. In the course of his professional practice, he often solved legal problems commonly regarded as extremely complicated, thanks to which in the legal environment he is a reputable specialist in court disputes. He is considered to be the spiritus movens of the Nowosielski i Partnerzy Law Office. He is eager to get involved in important public affairs.

Education: Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdańsk. Judge and lawyer’s training.

Foreign languages: Russian and German.

Additional information: Privately, counsel Roman Nowosielski is passionate about history, literature, antiques and painting. He is distinguished by an inexhaustible energy, thanks to which he has often participated in marathons and ultramarathons.

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